Boards of Canada – Hi Scores


Released: December 1996
Label: Skam Records (SKA008)
Length: 33:11
Track listing:

1, Hi Scores – 4:57
2, Turquoise Hexagon Sun – 5:09
3, Nlogax – 6:54
4, June 9th – 5:18
5, Seeya Later – 4:12
6, Everything You Do Is A Balloon – 7:03

Had to write about this as it’s my all time favorite recording. Boards of Canada seem incapable of releasing something that doesn’t provoke thought or amaze in one way or another, Hi scores is one of their earlier releases and just has an amazing vibe and atmosphere. It combines the feel of a Brian Eno record blended together with their unique approach to dance music, down tempo and raw, perfectly produced and lacking in nothing. The standout tracks for me on this record are ‘June 9th’, ‘Nlogax’ and ”Turquoise hexagon Sun”. The record is really open in structure and has a huge presence. Filled with warm keyboard tones/layers and perfectly accompanied by down tempo beats, everything on the record just flows lazily yet demanding the focus of its listener. This record in my opinion epitomizes the ethos of I.D.M, from the shoe gazing introduction to the record in ‘Hi Scores’ through to epic finale which is ‘Everything you do is a Balloon’.

From what i hear Boards of Canada tend to shy away from digital methods of making music, their sound is very stripped down using mainly analog gear. Lots of artists attempt this just for the sake of using old gear and fitting into some sort of niche and fail awfully, Boards of Canada on the other hand clearly believe in their methods and have produced back to back quality recordings. As opposed to album after album of lo-fi mess.
Boards Of Canada are pretty elusive and haven’t released anything for a while and haven’t gave any suggestion of ever doing so again, they have also played live only 3 or 4 times in 20 years. The way they operate as recording artists can be very frustrating but its just how they roll. Lots of internet rumor speculates a new release in 2013 but i wont hold my breath. Hi scores is the perfect introductory recording to B.O.C in my opinion, still sounding as fresh and innovative as it did 17 years ago.


The Noise Pop Podcast


For my first post i thought that i would show some love to the Noise Pop podcast.
This is a great podcast from the states that ive been listening to for a few years now, showcasing music from multiple genres. A must try for people wanting to discover new music.
you can check it out Here or via iTunes